The Miracle Air Whip Antenna Review
By: John Ratliff AKA "Rat"

The company says the "Air Whip" will probably be the best-performing, easiest-to-install, longest-lasting and least expensive airband antenna you ever own." I think they just might be correct.

I purchased an intercom, radio and headset package from Aircraft Spruce. The Sigtronics Sport 200 S Stereo Intercom was a pretty easy install. The instructions are straightforward although there are a lot of wires to be run and about a dozen connections to be made. The radio, an Icom A23 was dead easy as it's self-contained and all I needed was a special plug to interface the radio with the intercom. I also wanted to install an antenna that was concealed but I had already discovered the rubber ducky antenna just wouldn't perform.

This is what lead me to Robert of Miracle Antenna. Robert developed the Air Whip specifically for the Challenger however, it should perform just as well on any light aircraft.

Already knowing I wanted the antenna, I e-mailed Robert with what I called a strange request. I needed the plug with pigtails soldered on. You see, I had already contacted Sigtronics and the nice folks there sent me a plug free of charge for the radio. I promptly ruined this plug by trying to solder the wires quickly learning I do not have a knack for soldering small parts.

Robert immediately returned my e-mail request saying he would be happy to build the plug for me. I gave him a call and, after a very nice conversation about airplanes, he and I agreed on a very reasonable price for the plug and a Miracle Air Whip antenna. After exchanging payment and shipping info Robert told me to call him back if I had any questions or needed help.

About 8 days after speaking to Robert I received my plug and Air Whip. I couldn't wait so I jumped into my truck and left for the airport. He claimed easy installation and that's an understatement. I had the antenna installed in about 5 minutes. You can simply duct tape it in position with the hardest thing being the crawl into the nose of the aircraft. You can use silicone just as easily and it should hold it even better.

So, how does it work? During a recent flight I was at about 600 feet above ground level in the pattern of an airport about 15 miles away from my home airport. I listened to and talked to two different airplanes at my home field. Big deal right? Well, the two airplanes were taxiing, not in the air yet! Not bad, eh? Some sixty miles and the next state away is another little strip that is very active. I can communicate with them with no problem what-so-ever. I can also listen in on ATIS broadcast from an airport 5 miles away before I ever taxi. It truly exceeded all of my expectations. I now have crystal clear communications from an inexpensive handheld radio and intercom.

If you're in need of an antenna or even a plug for your Challenger, give Robert a call or drop him an e-mail. I only wish I had installed it while I was building because it would have been much cleaner.

You can take a look at his install page and ordering info at Miracle Antenna