How To Find A Challenger Dealer

Photo Courtesy of: Dave Goulet

Photo Courtesy of: Dave Goulet

What Not To Do!

What should you consider when looking for a Challenger dealer when you are ready to buy your first Challenger I or II kit?

After deciding that the Challenger aircraft is the plane of your dreams and the one you really want to fly, consider the following.

Where it may or may not be true that you may obtain a slightly better kit price by shopping around the country, what will you get following the sale of your new kit? What is involved in choosing the Challenger dealer and what you will need down the road when you start building your new plane?

In the past, it was sometimes found that price shopping may have yielded a slightly better price, it has also brought the buyer a myriad of problems and headaches down the road when they start building their new Challenger. Why is this?

Well, selling a Challenger is relatively a simple process, but what about future dealer support? You know, when you come to a total stop as you are really not sure what to do in the fabrication of one of the steps involved in the building process. Now, you live on the other side of the country, the dealer is several states of provinces away and you need to ask a question. More over, you really need a really good example of the particular process involved and the dealer really does not wish to be bothered as he / she just did not make the full sales price on the kit that he or she had sold you.

All of a sudden you realize you have your plane kit, it is partially done and you just do not have any support in the building process because you decided to save money on the kit by buying from a dealer too far away and unwilling to support you in the building process.

This happens all too often in this type of scenario. So, what do you do when the dealer you bought your Challenger kit from will not give after sales support?


    1. Call the dealer and threaten to take him/her to court?
    2. Call Quad City and complain about the dealer and demand support?
    3. Set and pout with a partially completed plane kit?

No! Absolutely not, none of the above! Why? Because "YOU" decided to take this risk.

What You Should Do!

So, with all this said, lets look at the better way to look for a dealer, the purchase of your new dream machine and after sales support.

Finding a Challenger dealer in your local area may seem a little difficult as you have never seen one advertised in your area before.


    1. Most dealers do not advertise in local newspapers or yellow pages.
    2. Advertising to such a small segment of potential pilots does not warrant the cost of advertising.
    3. Most dealers advertise by word of mouth.

So, how do I find a Challenger dealer in my local area?

The best way to locate a Challenger dealer is to call Quad City and request information on a dealer located in your area. Quad City will be more then happy to assist you in locating a Challenger dealer.

Phone: (309)764-3515 - FAX: (309)762-3920
(See "Featured Links" above from our menu to go to Quad City's web site.)

Another way to locate a Challenger dealer in your area is to visit a couple local airfields in your area. The probability of finding other Challenger owners at a small airfield is quite good and they would normally be more then happy to tell you the name, phone number and location of the local Challenger dealer.

Once you have located a Challenger dealer in your area, give the dealer a call "FIRST" and request an appointment to look at and take an introductory flight to make sure that ultralight flight is for you. As most dealers are extremely busy, do not just drop in to say Hi and ask, "Can you tell me all about this plane"? Most dealers will usually be in the middle of building a new plane, have scheduled training classes or flight instruction at this point and just do not have the time to go over your needs. This is why scheduling an appointment with the dealer is so important.


    1. Write down the dealers name, address of business and phone number.
    2. Call the dealer to schedule an appointment to discuss the purchase of your kit.
    3. Consider taking an introductory flight before buying.
    4. Never think of just dropping in on a dealer and expect him/her to have the time to discuss your needs.


Working with and purchasing your Challenger kit from a local dealer is highly recommended as you "WILL" normally need and require after sales support. Many decisions have to be made concerning your new Challenger.

    1. What options should I get with my kit at time of purchase?
    2. What gauges do I need and/or want on my new Challenger?
    3. Should I order an electric starter for my engine or stay with the pull starter?
    4. Should I go with oil injection or mix the oil with the gas and what oil do I use?
    5. How do I wire the electrical system? The manual doesn't cover all gauges and add-ons?
    6. What to do when I have a building question?

These are just a few questions you will experience during the building process and you will be very thankful later that the dealer was there to assist you when you needed him.

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1/5th Scale Challenger II Model RC Plane

The model is a great flying airship - steady and very responsive with excellent rudder controls just like the big one. This Challenger II version is the two place 'hot rod' of Quad City's group of aircraft!

Sorry! Just had to add this little Baby!