Controls Modification

Detachable Rear Control Stick:
By: Jim Hayward

Some pilots like to use their back seat for other than carrying passengers. To store "cargo" safely, the control stick should be removable to prevent possible jamming by the "cargo". A removable stick is also advised with some passengers.

You may cut the control stick tubing at or just above the bend just so it's below the seat and out of the way of anything stored there. Insert the next lower size tubing into the upper (removable) part of the control stick and secure with a couple of stainless steel rivets. Mate this smaller tubing with the other half of the stick as necessary. Drill a hole for a safety pin to go thru the assembly when the stick is in place and you're done.

The stick may be stored wherever you like. I installed two garage broom stick holders up on the root tube over the rear seat and they work nicely to store the stick while not in use.

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