Initial Flight, Don't Trim Anything
By: Jack Cournyer

I started to assemble a single place Challenger on April 16, 03 and had it ready to fly by the middle of July. I have about 20 hours of training in 172's and a Tomahawk. Both are nice planes but would not satisfy my needs. I will be doing most of my flying in northern Michigan and do not need anything with much speed.

I built the Challenger and had made up my mind to be the first to fly it. I practiced taxiing for about eight hours and finally did a first flight that lasted about 10 seconds, five feet off the ground. I then found a veteran pilot, who owned a Challenger, and had him do an initial flight. After he landed, I really felt great when he told me the plane flew hands off and not to trim anything. I then immediately took off the wings and readied it to trailer home.

The plane now sits in my garage with plans to take training this winter while I'm in Texas. I would like to take time to say that the Challenger kit was a pleasure to build. All the parts were there and I only had to call the company one time for help.

Jack Cournyer
Mio, MI