I Love This Challenger II
By: Tom Napiwoski

I got my Airworthiness Inspection done with no problems at all. Now I no longer have lawn furniture but an airplane. I called Don Z. for some dual, but he was getting ready for Oshkosh and couldn't help me, so I did what any red blooded C-II owner would do, I did ground runs, and crow hops.

Got the rudder trimmed so the pedals are fairly straight in level flight, ailerons centered, and went for several rides in a Mariner, a bi-wing pusher amphib. Sunday afternoon, no wind, sunny and 85 degrees. I ran her up, went down the runway about 150 feet, and away I went. Almost the biggest thrill I've ever had, (don't want to forget Terri).

My first homebuilt airplane, so every noise, every crack, and every gust made me nervous. I had to fly a mile wide corridor north to clear the Minneapolis terminal area, which brought me to my Forest Lake, MN. (2900'x150') home grass strip. My first landing is even smooth just like I had done hundreds before. I did touch & goes for awhile, then I went off to fly. I went back to my airport, refueled (thirsty), then flew some more. I started to feel a little more comfortable, it ain't no Cessna. All the ground work really paid off, as it flys hands off. I was impressed at how the flapperon system works for trim, just a little twist and the nose goes up or down. Sorry for rambling, but I love this C-II.

Tom Napiwoski