Angel Hair
By: Mike Madry

I went up early this morning before work 'cause its been 3 weeks since both daylight and good weather have shared the same place around here. I've just got to tell you HOLY MOLY!! What a sight I saw... first time, too... fog this morning! When I got up to altitude and trimmed out, it was breathtaking! Major "Godbumps" 'cause the fog blanketed the ground as though the angels had woven it. I live in west Texas and flat don't begin to tell the story. Up here, there's a lone peak to be seen with its siblings 20 miles, two ranches, and four fences away. They call it Signal Mountian 'cause Indians used it for both a look out and a burial ground.

It stuck up out of the angel hair like the most majestic of it's brothers in the rockies and I gawked when I first saw it. I have been above clouds before and while they are awesome, this was my first time to look down on God's watering system before there was rain. I felt as though a T-Rex was going to pop his head up out of the primordial soup and surely we would salute one another. Today, gentelmen, I thank God that He woke me up early and said, "Mike, go up there and see what I am doing today." I've got to tell you, some day I hope to be His helper when He sets the angels to weaving but, until then, I have made plans to go up there tomorrow morning and let my heart take notes again.

Have I told you guys I am the luckiest "log" floatin' in the punch bowl around here?? Just thought I'd share this story with you new flyers like me. For you long timers, I bet days like those are why you still fly!! Just my opine... could be wrong... :-)

Mike Madry