10 Ways To Help Prevent
Runway Incursions

By: John Davis

  1. Follow Procedures.
    Establish safe procedures for airport operations. Then follow them.

  2. Never Assume.
    Do not take clearances for granted. Look both ways before entering or crossing taxiways and runways.

  3. Understand, Signs, Lights, and Markings.
    Keep current with airport signs, lights and markings. Know what they mean and what action to take.

  4. See the Big Picture.
    Monitor both ground and tower communications when possible.

  5. Transmit Clearly.
    Make your instructions and read backs complete and easy to understand.

  6. Listen Carefully.
    Listen to your clearance. Listen to what you read back. Do not let communications become automatic.

  7. Admit when you're lost.
    If you get lost on an airport, ask ATC for help. It's better to damage your pride than your aircraft.

  8. Situational Awareness.
    Know your location. If you are unfamiliar with an airport, keep a current airport diagram available for easy reference.

  9. Copy Clearances
    Clearances can change. Keep a note pad and copy your clearance. If needed, refer to your notes.

  10. Sterile Cockpit.
    Maintain a sterile cockpit until reaching a cruising altitude. Explain to your passenger, if you have one, that talking should kept to a minimum.

Material was obtained from an FAA seminar.