Tail Feathers Modification

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Elevator 3rd Hinge Mod
By: Jim Hayward

A lot of folks feel that two hinges for each elevator aren't enough for safety and have installed a third hinge. Most install it in the middle between the two factory supplied hinges. I elected to install my third hinge near the control horn hinge as that hinge received the most wear on my plane probably due to the control horn loads..

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Elevator/ Rudder Mod
By: Mike Harrison

Many years ago, I had noticed play developing in the two separate elevators on higher time Challengers. The play was coming from the elevator bellcrank center bolt. By tightening the bolt, the play would go away but I wanted to come up with a method that would prevent the play from developing in the first place. The answer was to install a carry-through tube between the two elevators which makes them one solid piece. In order to give the carry-through tube clearance from the rudder, I notched the rudder with tubing and gusset plates.

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