Fuselage Edging & Seat Cushion
By: Russ Hauser

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If you talk to a present Challenger owner, one problem he may tell you about is how the door edge fabric will get ratty looking over time if it's not protected some way. In this Mod, Mr. Hauser demonstrates just one of many ways to protect the door edge fabric. And believe me, if you ever flew in a Challenger with just the stock seat cushions, you would know how this cushion is a real blessing.

I made the edging using a soft 2 foot by 2 foot aluminum sheet you can buy at most hardware or home improvement stores. I rolled the aluminum around a length of an old broom handle. the edging is riveted only near the ends of each section. The seat cushion is 6 inches at the front and 2 inches at the rear and makes for a much more comfortable ride on long cross countries.

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Russ Hauser